Hello, everyone – this is adam meister, the bitcoinmeister, the disrupt meister, welcome to the one bitcoin show live from darwin. Australia today is February the 13th 2018 back on the East Coast that calm, how you guys doing it’s humid air, it’s hot here and I want to go running before this thunderstorm starts again. We have a lot of thunderstorms here.

What else do we have? No, you know the shirts cryptography D. Okay, let’s get outta here, ah strong hands, I forgot to say conviction: alright, first off April the 17th I am going to be in Los Angeles speaking, the tickets are available. Now I link to it below it’s at the Century. City meetup I spoke there. One was in January, tone just spoke there.

Vortex is going to speak there after me. It’S awesome. So if you’re, in Los Angeles area check out the links section below you can sign up for the Meetup on April 17th, it’s going to be huge and it’s it was just a rock in time. Last time I love you Los Angeles I’ll, be in Los Angeles from April 16th until the 24th and then the 25th, I’m speaking in both April 25th, Boulder Colorado and we’ll have more information on that soon enough Rocky, my main Rocky sent me this link and a Lot of people are talking about it. It’S the bee cat of the B cash there’s, a guy made a video about the cash.

How there’s a issue with exchanges carrying it and hey man, I’m not too worried about it. Okay, if they want to fix that problem that can fix that problem. Obviously there there is an issue.

This is, it doesn’t affect us users, it affects the exchanges, but people want to hear about it. I like watch it yourself, vention big tile, just sent $ 5 on the super chat, how you do invention yeah. I sold half my bitcoins back in March and now it’s insult after injury since I have to work it into my taxes. I feel sorry for active traders very good point. Benching me tell we’re gon na talk about that in a second, because it is tax time and, as you saw in the title, and he checked out the link section below um yeah.

This is not a good time of year if you are a gambler or a trader whatever you may call that you got to pay your US taxes now, if you sold for a Fiat $ 4 and that’s a painting, especially she went back and forth back and Forth holders, hey man, we don’t have to worry about that, we didn’t sell and it paid off and the end like vention said um. He when he saw the ended up losing. Oh, it was a terrible situation. That’S why you got ta have a strong hand.

Conviction all right pound that, like button people, what else do we have here? Alright, so yeah Rock? Thank You Rocky for informing me about and rokkyo be on this show soon enough again about this, be cash thing that exchanges could have no lien stolen from them. Okay, hopefully everyone will work it all out. I don’t want to flood.

The video is a good video was the guy who me the video, isn’t trying to fight ABI cash. Okay, he’s just trying to present an issue now, there’s still be clashing out there too. Oh yes, oh yes, I checked out their Twitter feed for the heck of it and it’s it’s alive and the guy talks about uh crypto bridge the crypto bridge decentralized exchange.

That’S where it’s listed. Maybe I’m just bringing this up more so to talk about that. This crypto bridge thing exists and you can trade your beat classic there if you somehow know how to get it from your be cash, be classic. Is the original be cash that be cash forked off from oh yeah, it’s complex, but yeah check out that uh decentralized exchange? That’S the you know. Some people are predicting.

That’S gon na be a big trend soon enough. We’Re gon na have a lot of decentralized exchanges. Next year, crypto bridge – just just I linked to the be classic tweet below alright, so here’s some monaro v5 coming out manera P, is a crypto dividend of Manero that is coming out in April.

I thought it was April 7th. It might be after that, whatever I’ll update it uh where’s March 7th, no god I miss the whole thing, uh yeah, I think it’s March 7th actually March 7th e-excuse me. I messed up at the April. It’S supposed to be March 7th, but I think might be March 13th now, whatever that that’s at the point did Manero peak, there are certain Manero people that are have some fun warnings. They actually mentioned me. That’S why I uh I I posed.

I found the reddit that I’d link to below and you can see what they, these Manero fans say about. Manero v, it’s fun, but there were some people that were just like wait. It’S gon na boost up the price of Manero, as people want to get ten free, ten monaro be for every monaro they own, so competition is a good thing.

I say i say it’s a good thing for a Bitcoin to Manero V is not pretending to be Manero they’re, not calling it Manero. That’S Manero V I mean they’re, not asking exchanges to take over the old ticker sign or anything like that. It’S not it’s a friendly fork as far as I can see. As far as I can see now, is it gon na end up the same way as B cash and Bitcoin half?

I don’t know we’ll see, but you know bring on the competition for Bitcoin. I just don’t save for from Mineiro the more friendly for cryptic dividends. The better I mean if it be gold wants to just become powerful, let V gold become powerful, let them let them do their thing. They’Re free to compete, they’re free to do Bitcoin differently and the Monaro people should you know, open their arms of an arrow V and say hey if V is not pretending to be Manero, and I have not seen that yet let them try to do monaro a Little differently with a cap with the limit.

Alright, so I again, I link to that. Uh that read it below. You can decide. Z classic has pumped it’s at an all-time high in terms of Bitcoin, it’s about 1.7 percent or 1.8 son of a Bitcoin, now Zee classic. This isn’t anticipation of the be private crypto dividend being born on February, the 28th. That is the day of before now.

Why is this just the natural build uppers, because something just happened? I lead to a reddit below that says that the the be private official white paper will be linked to will be posted very soon. I don’t know if that’s boosting it or not. Maybe this is just the ramp up, maybe it’s a false ramp up, who knows, but here’s the classic holder since I’ve been talking about it, it’s around a crate was around December 26. I made a video about it. I’Ve been talking about it from before.

I’M sure you’re pretty happy if you’re, Z, classic holder, I’m sure you’re really happy if you’re a Bitcoin all the tubes you’re gon na get this be private and it appears at the be private will be at least one point: seven percent of a Bitcoin which is Which isn’t too bad for a crypto dividend? I mean traceur. There is there’s some treasure noise out there over Twitter. I didn’t link to those it seemed kind of rumor s and rumors. Is that a lot of rumors out there with the treasurer and but still we got to work on big tricks? I haven’t heard any of bit tracks rumors lately, so I’ll make a video.

You know we’re two weeks away now we’re two weeks away for failure. 28. Unbelievable time flies, so I got to do something when I get some time, maybe do an outside video by the water.

I ran by the water yesterday, it’s nice again. I don’t like it here when it just all of a sudden there’s a huge heavy rain, but we’re in the tropics, the tropics of Australia, which is uh. It’S interesting. You know not many Americans travel down here. I have a unique story to tell my buddies in uh in Baltimore in the United States. I haven’t seen any Americans here.

It’S it’s interesting, it’s what Darwin is a great place found that, like button for Australia, I enjoy Australia. Okay, Andy Hoffman has some good topics at his crypto gold, central calm. I haven’t had time to read it all again, I’m running around trying to beat the thunderstorms and they’re all understood and yeah anyway, but he what Anna had time to read all the stuff. Yet he has again, he has this one tax time doomsday and he talks about how if you’re, just like mention mentioned, if you sold your Bitcoin, if you’re a trader, if you’re a gambler, you got to pay the IRS now and most, and so many people have Not reported and don’t plan on reporting dudes, you got to be really careful with that, if you’re not planning on reporting to the IRS and you bought and sold it coinbase you’re making a tremendous tremendous mistake. I mean you’ve already made a tremendous mistake by selling your big coin. Don’T make another tremendous mistake: it is a honey pot for the for the IRS coin base is a honey pot.

If you bought and sold there, you got ta play by the rules here. I do not want to end up on their bad side. You do not want to be a 22 year old who gets audited. Does that sound really fun? So I know some of the guys some people are really young who have bought and sold big coin they’re. Not used to paying any taxes, I don’t know you’re, not from me their dad used to pay your taxes, no you’re, a big boy, now you’re playing with the big boys.

That’S what cryptic are see. That’S what bitcoin is about. This is where the big boys play. So do not try to mess with the IRS you’ve already dug yourself a hole by you know becoming a flipper. You didn’t listen to me, just the hole just behold. It’S it’s again gold and hold treat it like people used to treat gold.

You just put it away: okay, twenty twenty. Have you learn about? It understand it? This is not the jump, it date. There’S no there’s such day traders lose holders win okay over the long run. Long-Term thinking really understand it, and then you won’t have to be in this uncomfortable situation now that it’s tax time and it is tax time April 15th – is again two months away.

You have two months, it’s a stress about this and I don’t. I am NOT an accountant, so I don’t know how you’re going to do your taxes. If you went back and forth back and forth back and forth fifty times between Fiat and uh and Bitcoin, I don’t know what to tell you man, it’s a pain. To I mean you should have helped, but chillax here this year year, 2018 hole.