That’S the lesson move on from this catastrophe that you’ve gotten yourself into this tax catastrophe and move on and just learn to hold and keep it simple, and maybe that maybe things will become simpler. Maybe you don’t become easy to go back and forth and then you know the $ 600 thing will apply that I talked about yesterday. All right, so here is a tweet about from rail Panda about how shape-shift and Erik Voorhees, who I have said many times the boycott, because they were four segments to X and it stands true to this very day because they had a tweet out there. They called Bitcoin Bitcoin core everyone got on their case and they had to change it. They had to remove it, and now it’s not there anymore, but a way up and up brings this up and it just shows you the how big the Bitcoin community is and how they don’t they’re not going to be taped.

Something insult like that, and but again you should have been boycotting him and his company anyway, since the the segue to ax thing that came out and says he was obviously a king of the trolls dude. I know he’s saying it’s a mistake: what you know, whatever it’s good for him, it’s a mistake, then fine. The boycott still goes on and I just like to see how there was such a backlash immediately when he said big when they said Bitcoin core on there. That’S how powerful the Bitcoin community is so that gets link to below. So there is a new site talking about crypto dividends, mostly Bitcoin crypt of dividends, fork drop, dot, io fork drop, I uh again, I’m not recommending.

I mean they have some services they’re selling to I’m not recommending their services. I haven’t used their services, you have to be. You know you don’t give people your private key, obviously, but they do list all of the Bitcoin encrypt their dividends. They’Re open to listing the a list of the theory and one I think they you’re open to suggestions. Some of these cryptic dividends out there that are from China have the worst names ever it’s like hilarious, so I, finally, I find it like parsley.

It’S entertaining and entertainment there’s some fake ones out up there too. Oh yeah, remember to pound that, like button subscribe, this channel of course, and check out the new section below below and check out for crappie. Oh that’s link to below, but so so there you’re gon na get some laughs and some of them are weird, but I give these guys credit, I always say, be entrepreneurial and these in the space they’re they created their own business around crypto dividends, so good for Them and I gave them a shout-out in my Twitter today – also remember: I am tech ball on Twitter te, CH B alt, that’s blowing up I’m bitcoinmeister on steam, it you could be an entrepreneur they’re. Also, in that I things are blowing up over on steam and also Bitcoin likes your own steam it all right. What is oh here, I forgot I do have another thing to share is about wrap up. The show here is a tweet from sir grant Fleming.

No one knows what is going on especially traitors, tis, the reason they are all stuck in front of their terminals and Excel sheets rather than retired, on a beach. Anyone telling you different has a gambling problem. It’S really that’s a good point that you know. I think I’m gon na go to the beach right now, but these guys are stuck in front of a computer all day.

I I can. I travel around the whole world I’ll beholder. The gamblers are stuck in front of their Excel spreadsheets. Trying to make this day trading stuff work their gamblers.

They got a gambling problem check out that guy’s tweet Eddie K, yes sure you’re gon na hear from some guys. I did so well. You never hear from the guys who did bad and we said fish in Midtown who’s, an honest, freaking, dude, okay, there’s a modest man he’s a good man, but he’s an older guy too. You know he’s over fifties. Fifty, let’s say inventions, fifty okay and so people of that age group are more likely to you know: mud they’re, gon na tell the truth.

You know these young twenty year olds, teenagers, whatever they are they’re just gon na talk a big game, no matter what don’t fall for it. The people on the internet to talk about that in Bitcoin they’re talking such a huge game. They they’re doing chat sessions like this they’re, even there under the common. In our comment section, there forms they never show their faces. They just they talk a big game and they’re not honest about it.

This is honesty. Life is brutal, dudes, it’s not easy. It’S not easy and so like to glamorize something that is just gambling you’ll find out the hard way. If you try, it you’ll find out the hard way and all right so over 6000 Segway over 16 % Segway adoption now Accord according to their editor, who I linked to below he’s got a good feed on Twitter, so check him out $ 2 from big Kings Over on the super chat, hey man, I linked to your steam, it yesterday uh everybody check him out for coins coming soon. He says, of course, four o’clock.

Let’S focus on be private, we got it. Oh yes, be focused. I mean it. Let’S focus on those ones, Israel ina the end. Look then she meets out just gave out his real age.

I’M not gon na even say he’s 50 he’s 50. That’S what he is. He always be 50 to be alright, this guy.

These guys credo here this guy. Here’S it here’s a someone left this on my Steam it and I just want to say that this guy is totally innocent dude, but it just shows you not. You can’t get caught up in everything you read on the Internet, just look for experience when it comes to Bitcoin, okay, when it comes to cryptocurrency someone just might post something and you might get scared, but then, when you dig a little deeper over here, this is Where the guy said previous two weeks can be said to be the darkest weeks ever in crypto history, then I said I immediately replied.

I disagree I had been around for a while. There have been much worse times and that he replied could be. I have only been here for half a year, so maybe it’s my mistake, okay, guys, so that guy was totally honest. He didn’t mean any harm, but there are a lot of guys talking a big game out there that, just like this guy who’d been around six months, we’re telling you this is the worst. It’S ever been and they’ve been around six months. There’S a lot of people like that, so pal Matt like button, if you like experience and you’re, not impulsive – and I think I didn’t mean this – throw anyone off, but it could have thrown some people off and made people panic.

I mean all that adds to the fun. All of that adds to the fun guys that have only been around for six months or whatever you know talking like that, it that’s the foot. So you need to clear that sometimes and just remind people that experience experience go talk to people who’ve been around since 2013 or since 2015. Even all right, the the the be goal be cash ratio is back to a beagle there’s 10 % of a beat cash again I mean why does this happen? I think what is this is something I’ve always been curious about.

I brought it up a few times and it goes back there. Sometimes I don’t know I don’t know the reason. They’Re really not related at all one’s a friendly fork once unfriendly for crypto dividend, alright, maneet Riggs, who might be on the show soon, because I haven’t had time to contact him about Friday’s show, but remember we’ll have this week in Bitcoin a Friday at some time.

I don’t know what time I you know, I don’t know the time. Difference is just so big here. 14. 1/2 hours ahead. I am I mean it’s already uh the 14th year.

Some of you people do there’s some commercial. How are they on the floor? It’S either something that some guys fall for and waste all their money on, don’t waste your money on the 14th buy yourself, some Bitcoin, hey by the way Spring Training started a back in uh back home in Florida and Arizona, the Orioles, hey man, I’m patient. I’M a patient guy been waiting for that World Series for a long time.

You stick you stick with what you believe in you. Stick with the big coin. You stick with the Orioles eventually in the long run anyway. Yeah that just says I have conviction conviction. I have Orioles conviction, I have Bitcoin and you know there’s some there’s some fans of sports teams, and these are the same 80 percenters they’re, just like oh bitcoins dead, I’m not in it anymore, they’re like I’ll, just like the Yankees, now they’re good. They went up this year or the Astra’s of the world champions I like them.

Now it is. This fickle fickle: 80 %. You see it in cryptocurrency, as seen in sports fandom dude. I was born an Orioles fan and I’ve died.

A lot of wars fan. Okay, just like with Bitcoin born a Bitcoin er died a Bitcoin er and that won’t be for a long time. God willing, we all need to stay healthy, but money Triggs going back to him his tweet his tweet, and I don’t exactly know everything behind this tweet. It says we will have the only Bitcoin ATM in the country he’s talking about Spain network in the country and we are considering buying launching a radio station with crypto related podcasts news and ads next election. We will sponsor a probe big Pro Bitcoin politicians.

I just found that fascinating I’ll have to ask money trees more about that. I haven’t heard about Bitcoin radio stations before that’s kind of combining the new school with the old school. But you know there are a lot of men. Listen to talk radio! Still! It’S a good target audience.

I don’t know. Radio is kind of like gold. It’S around it’ll be around it’s just, not a big thing, but hey if you, if you can modernize it, be my guest and that I’d like to hear that they’re gon na sponsor. You know I don’t like politics at all, but hey if you’re gon na like highlight probe Bitcoin politicians that might get some of these sociopaths on the right track, but they you know, don’t buy into anything if they feel a little bit of pressure on it.

And you know they can’t kill Bitcoin, but they can whatever big it. They can make it easier come tax time, let’s, let’s conclude that all right, everybody, i’m adam meister, the bitcoinmeister, the disrupt meister, remember describe subscribe to this channel, like this view shows – and you do check out the new section below – i will say hi to you guys In a chat and yeah humidity in the hair, it’s crazy